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Lamborghini V12 Vision GT, Virtual car race with dramatic display

In the 2019 World finals of the FIA-Certified Gran Turismo Championship, Monte Carlo, Lamborghini V12 Vision GT was officially introduced.

Only, this V12 Vision Gran Turismo bears the status as a concept car. Users can download it in the game Gran Turismo while playing using the Playstation 4.

With the digital form, the V12 Vision Gran Turismo is designed with maximum aerodynamics. Not only that, the overall his also capable.

The introduction of the V12 Vision Gran Turismo is capable of adding a row of concept cars in the game. This V12 Vision Gran Turismo is not the first concept car.

Previously, there were already a number of manufacturers who also created concept cars. From Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, Citroen, and many more.

Digital Creations V12 Vision Gran Turismo itself will debut in the next year. While waiting for its presence, you should refer to the following reviews.

Lamborghini V12 Vision GT Specifications
Specs are a pity if missed. As for one of the spec that we will peel the design.

The concept car of the V12 Vision Gran Turismo was wrapped in a dramatic design like any other virtual car. It's just that this car has a typical Lamborghini futuristic impression.

The car V12 Vision Gran Turismo is shown to be a similar jet fighter on land filled with green kelir. It looks as simple and easy to be the center of attention.

The design result of the concept of the V12 Vision Gran Turismo car was done in the Lamborghini Centro Stille Studio, Sant ' Agatha Bolognese.

Not only equipped with a Gahar design, the virtual concept car Lamborghini V12 Vision GT also provide a good performance driving experience.

The concept car of the V12 Vision Gran Turismo is powered by a similar powertrain of Sián FKP 37. The car runs on a hybrid machine that has a 6.5-liter capacity.

With the heart of the runway, the virtual car V12 Vision Gran Turismo is able to release 819 horsepower with an acceleration of 0-100 km per hour.

The performance is generated in just 2.8 seconds. Meanwhile, the maximum speed is 217 miles per hour.

When using the concept car V12 Vision Gran Turismo, gamers will certainly feel the excitement and different sensations during the play.

Why launch
The introduction of the V12 Vision Gran Turismo is not without reason. Initially, GT Game founder asked the question whether anyone would want to design an ideal GT for use.

Of these questions, there are many brands who are interested in following it, one of them Lamborghini. His V12 Vision Gran Turismo will be presented in the game.

Lamborghini's participation in the virtual world and making it a reality is based on a reason. The reason is expressed directly by the CEO Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Stefano Domenicali.

In accordance with its explanation, Lamborghini is a very young brand so that the manufacturer is challenged to present it in a virtual vision.

With the real model form, this Lamborghini V12 Vision GT concept car is powered by a futuristic and cool design.

The Lamborghini manufacturing focuses on creating single-seater models. The silhouettes are derived from the Lamborghini DNA picture.

In a single-seater model, the V12 Vision Gran Turismo is supported by a separate cockpit and fender. The sector is centered in the middle.

In addition, there is a side glass that seems to remind us of the Marzal 1968 concept. The classy side is certainly increasingly visible thanks to the concept.

Increasingly interesting because the Lamborghini V12 Vision GT also comes with an enchanting side lighting. Because, the V12 Vision Gran Turismo is supported by the front and rear lamps of the Y-shape.

Thanks to design design, the manufacturer hopes that the V12 Vision Gran Turismo can be enjoyed by generations of youth-playing games and super sports car enthusiasts.

By looking at its epic design and performance, there are not a few automotive lovers curious whether the V12 Vision Gran Turismo car will be realised in production.

Regarding this, there is a sense of doubt if you see similar vehicles, such as the Lamborghini Veneno or the wild Ferrari SF90 Stradale on the streets.

Nevertheless, this Lamborghini V12 Vision GT car could have been produced by reason of the use of future technology that is assessed more sophisticated so it is interesting to be made real

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