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How To Start Forex Trading For Beginners

From time to time, how to play forex for beginners without capital is increasingly touted as an easy and fast way to earn income online. However, actually investing in the online forex trading business is one business that requires a lot of knowledge about the basics and strategies, along with experience and a strong mentality. Therefore, understanding what forex is is something that must be done really investing in it.

Fortunately, there are currently many ways to learn what forex is and how to play forex for beginners without capital, so we don't need to pay a lot of money when it is still in the initial stages. In addition, everything can be done anywhere and anytime, provided we have an internet connection and adequate devices. How to? Well, on this occasion Forex Indonesia will present a review of what forex is, as well as tips on how to play forex for beginners without any capital.

What is Forex?
Forex is online forex trading without physical exchange. Forex is different from Money Changer where currencies are exchanged directly with other currencies in cash. In forex trading, currencies are traded in pairs (pairs), for example EUR / USD. Thus, the term "buy" in this pair is in practice "buy euros and sell dollars at the same time". Conversely, "sell" means "selling Euros and buying Dollars at the same time". We as traders can participate in forex trading by registering through a forex broker, making transactions via software provided by the broker, then if successful then we can benefit from the increase and decrease in prices.

This pattern of trading allows forex traders to benefit both when the value of a currency rises (strengthens) and falls (weakens). Unique, right? In addition, there are many advantages of forex. Among them:

  • Forex trading is done online, using a PC, laptop or smartphone. So, we can trade anywhere, as long as there is a stable internet connection.
  • Forex trading does not need to provide millions of funds, because forex brokers have provided leverage facilities. For example, for example if the leverage is 1: 100, then the trader only needs to provide funds of 1 dollar to be able to trade worth 100 dollars. In fact, nowadays brokers are trying to promote their services by providing free trading trading accounts. That is, we only need to register, then can play forex without any capital at all.
  • Forex trading does not require academic qualifications or specific work backgrounds. No matter whether we are only high school graduates, scholars, or housewives, everyone can trade forex, as long as they want to study forex diligently.

Basically, forex trading seeks to benefit from these movements. For example if you estimate the EUR / USD will continue to rise, then we click the Buy button and place an order. If the graph is really moving up and down, then we will benefit. Conversely, if you estimate the EUR / USD will continue to fall, then we click the Sell button and place an order. If the graph really goes down, then we will profit.

However, the decision to Buy or Sell can not be decided only with a hunch. Note that if the graph moves in the opposite direction of the forecast, then we can lose money. Therefore, included in the important agenda how to play forex for beginners is to learn the basics of forex trading, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. What are the basics of forex trading will help beginners understand the terms encountered when playing forex, while technical analysis and fundamental analysis help to make precise estimates before Buy or Sell orders.

The amount of profit that can be obtained in a short time in trading whether trading forex, indexes, stocks or commodities, is often used as an excuse for all of us to plunge into the world of trading. But keep in mind, if you do without careful preparation before starting trading, like we entered the wilderness without supplies and compass as a direction.

Because of that many beginner traders are passionate at the beginning of his career in the world of forex trading, but in the end sluggish as well, because of a lot of losses. Because indeed from the beginning did not make preparations for everything before starting forex trading. Then how to start forex trading that is good and right?

Here are tips on learning forex about how to start forex trading:

  • Before entering the market you better equip yourself with trading knowledge, including learning to recognize trends in market movements that are happening. You can read articles about learning forex in this blog.
  • Don't make trading decisions based on estimates of instinct and luck alone.
  • Always conduct market and trend analysis objectively, based on technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Master a few indicators to carry out technical analysis. Look at the news that influences market movements as part of fundamental analysis.
  • Think first before entering the market. Face the fact that market movements cannot be guessed. Understand the risks that can occur when you have entered the market.
  • Do not be emotional in trading, always think with logic, not with your adrenaline.
Register and choose a trusted Forek Broker,

Before you start registering it is a good idea to know about the brokerage company, one of which is the FBS Brokerage Company which is one of the largest brokers in Asia and is starting to develop in Europe.

FBS Broker stands for Financial Success Broker which has been established since 2009, and has existed in 110 countries. At present, the FBS brokerage is one of the developing brokers to expand and work in the Asian countries.
FBS client service is arguably quite complete including support cs in 18 languages, and easy transfer of deposits and withdrawals through Multi payment systems including local banks in Indonesia such as BRI, Mandiri, BNI, NISP, BCA, OCBC.
The head office of FBS is located in Russia, and is under the supervision of the State of Belize IIFC (International Financial Services Commission) No.IFSC / 60/296 / TS / 14 and the Russian Financial Technology Regulation Center, CRFIN.
Until now, FBS has served traders from all over the world. And already has more than 130,000 IBs, in Indonesia FBS itself has hundreds of IBs (Introducing brokers / agents) spread across various islands in the country.
FBS is supported by a team of professionals who are expected to provide the best support services.

> Having clients from 110 countries
> More than 5,000,000 traders
> More than 200,000 partners
> Every year FBS clients earn more than $ 500,000.00

How To Play Forex For Beginners Without Capital

Have you practiced on a Demo Account and want to try real trading? It's time to use the forex playing facility without capital provided by forex brokers. However, because not all brokers provide this facility, it is necessary to search the internet first.

Usually, providers of forex play facilities without capital are only certain forex brokers who are holding these two types of promotions:

  • No Deposit Bonus (Bonus Without Deposit)
No Deposit Bonus is a real money fund given by the broker directly after we register. However, these funds are available specifically for use in playing forex, so it usually should not be withdrawn. If we have traded with these funds and made a profit, then the profit can be withdrawn. Big No Deposit Bonuses from brokers vary, from $ 1 to $ 100. It is very small, but not bad for trial and error. How to register is usually the same as opening a normal trading account.

  • Demo Trading Contest
The Demo Trading Contest is a forex playing contest on a demo account, so it doesn't require any capital at all. We only need to register and then try to win the race. Usually, the top five will get cash prizes that can be traded by the winners. Big prizes range from $ 20 to $ 2000, so it is very suitable as an alternative way to play forex for beginners without capital. To enter the contest, we only need to open a demo account. After winning, then create a Real Account.
These two facilities are the best shortcuts among various ways of learning what forex is, because it doesn't require any capital at all. It's just that, to be successful it still requires perseverance and persistence. There are no instant success traders; all of them need to learn step by step and never give up even though one time loses. Losses are a natural part of the learning period. The key lies in capital management. If you are able to manage your capital well and keep learning from mistakes, then losses can sometimes be ignored because long-term profits will be able to surpass them.

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