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business opportunities in 2020 with little capital

hello everyone, this time I will discuss how business opportunities in 2020, maybe below are some references for all of you who want to open a business or business.

PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank)
PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank) business is a business opportunity that utilizes an online payment system like banking.
PPOB business allows customers who do not have a bank account to pay various bills, buy credit and data packages, to send money without the need to queue and save time.
This type of business is usually an agency, where you can join PPOB official agent providers such as PAYFAZZ.
As an official and trusted PPOB Agent service provider, PAYFAZZ will help you get benefits by becoming a PAYFAZZ Sob Agent.

Waralaba (Franchise)
Franchise business (franchise) is suitable for you who want to do business but do not want to mess around in determining what business system will be implemented.
Franchise business brand owners (franchisees) have their own rights and business systems so that the owners of capital (franchisees) are the only ones who run it.
The benefits of a franchise business include familiar brands, business security, and easier financial management.

Reseller Online
Online reseller business is the business of reselling a number of products that have been purchased from suppliers.
Beginner businesses in general often choose this business opportunity.
Besides not requiring a physical store, easy business management and flexible time are also one of the advantages of an online reseller business.

Toko Kelontong
Although many minimarkets and supermarkets have sprung up, grocery stores remain excellent, especially in areas far from urban areas.
Benefits can be obtained from the difference in price for buyers with the price you buy from suppliers.
Don't forget to be diligent in arranging the stock of goods, display window, and the price set huh, friend!

Do you like cooking? Well, that means you are suitable for doing this business opportunity!
Yes, the catering business is a promising business opportunity in 2020 because there are still many interested people.
Whether it's a wedding, thanksgiving, or just a meal together, a catering business is always sought after.
A little info, make sure to maintain the quality of the food and drinks that you make, man!

Jastip (Services)
Well, this one business opportunity is popular with the public in 2019 friend.
That is because the courier service business (jastip) allows customers to get goods that do not exist in the surrounding area.
The jastip business is usually carried out by people who frequently travel both domestically and internationally

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