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This is Vivo Strategy in 2020, How Many Products to Release?

Vivo has prepared strategies and targets to be achieved in 2020. For 2019, Vivo has managed to get a good record in terms of product development and expansion of the reach of the Vivo store and Vivo service center.

Edy Kusuma, Vivo Indonesia's Senior Brand Director, said that what Vivo has achieved this year is an evaluation of what can be further developed and improved in the future.

"Welcoming 2020, we want to give more to consumers. We are increasingly comprehensive research to better understand consumer trends and needs that will be implemented in products, innovations, services and collaborations that we hope will make Vivo increasingly a smartphone for Indonesian consumer preferences, "said Edy.

On the product side, Vivo has presented more than 17 new smartphone variants over the past year. For example, new series such as V15, V17 Pro, Z1 Pro, and S1 Pro have brought innovation to the smartphone market in Indonesia.

The four products also provide refreshment for the Vivo portfolio with a number of technologies and features and technical specifications that accompany it.

Vivo's 2020 strategy is to bring more of the latest technological innovations that are worth the wait for Indonesian consumers.

Supporting multiplatform touchpoint consumers who are increasingly comfortable and easy to reach, Vivo recorded the opening of thousands of new stores in various regions throughout Indonesia that complement tens of thousands of previously operating Vivo stores.

Vivo Experience Store 3.0 standardization as implemented by Vivo at ITC Roxy Mas West Jakarta, Artha Gading Mall North Jakarta, and ITC Cempaka Mas Central Jakarta, will also be presented for more areas in Jabodetabek and other strategic areas.

In the aspect of after-sales, Vivo also increasingly improves the quality of Vivo's independent Service Centers that are spread from Aceh to Papua.

Tens of new repair service centers have also been opened, including in Kalimantan and Batam. Until now, Vivo has been supported by more than 100 Service Centers throughout Indonesia with 1-Hour Rapid Repair and Service Day services ready to be implemented more massive next year.

Welcoming 2020, Vivo has taken a number of strategic steps. On the production side, Vivo has expanded its second factory in Cikupa, Tangerang, so that it can reach a production capacity of more than hundreds of thousands of units during 2019.

Next year, Vivo targets millions of smartphone units in various series to be produced through the two existing factories. With an increase in production, Vivo's production base will also absorb more workers next year.

"Over the past year, Vivo has presented a series of innovations that we will continue to do next year with a variety of products ranging from low-end to flagship classes, so that it meets all market segments.

"In addition, we will always pay attention to the needs and desires of consumers for a smartphone that is reliable in terms of performance, sophisticated in terms of technology, and stylish in terms of design," he concluded.

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