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7 Reasons HP Pavilion Gaming 15 is Suitable for Mainstream Gamers

in addition to the Omen line specifically aimed at hardcore gamers, HP also has a Pavilion Gaming line. The difference, HP Pavilion Gaming is targeting the segment of gamers in the mainstream class. Although different the following 7 reasons for HP Pavilion Gaming 15 must be glimpsed for gamers in the mainstream class.

1. Cool design

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 comes with an aggressive body appearance typical of a gaming laptop. The design looks cool with the pull of firm lines in each corner. To highlight its gaming aura, HP complements Pavilion Gaming 15 with backlit lights in the keyboard area. The backlit lamp is available in green. Color choices that are rarely found on this gaming laptop are guaranteed to immediately steal the attention of anyone who sees it.

2. Variative specifications with qualified gaming performance
Targeting the gaming segment is also a major concern. Adjusting the gamers' budget, this laptop is available in a variety of configurations with a choice of processors up to the 9th generation Intel Core, Intel Core i7-9750H, and Nvidia GeForce graphics card options from the Nvidia GTX 1050 to the latest GTX 1660Ti. The specifications will be qualified to run some current game titles that require heavy graphics performance. Even still able to be used to run VR content that will become a trend in the world of gaming in the future. For more affordable options, the HP Pavilion Gaming 15 is also available with AMD Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 processors.

3. Large storage space
Large game files nowadays are also not a problem for HP Pavilion Gaming 15. The reason is, this laptop has been accommodated extra roomy storage space. HP Pavilion Gaming 15 is available with a choice of 1TB hard disk, SSD with capacity up to 512GB or dual storage space with 1TB hard disk and 256GB M.2 SSD. So, gamers do not need to worry about storage space will quickly run out.

4. Qualified cooling system
The cooling system also received attention from HP. HP equips Pavilion Gaming 15 with a two-fan cooling system to ensure stable performance when gamers play games intensely. The cooling system is still supported by a large ventilation output design behind the body that will ensure optimal air flow.

5. Stunning audio from the manufacturer Bang & Olufsen
To bring a more tangible gaming experience the HP Pavilion Gaming 15 brings an audio system from the manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. With the design of two front-facing speakers and an HP Audio Boost, gamers can enjoy more powerful audio while gaming.

6. Large screen with Full HD resolution
Not only is the audio sector powered, the visuals presented on the screen will also spoil the eyes of gamers. Because the HP Pavilion Gaming 15 has come with a 15.6-inch IPS screen with Full HD resolution so gamers can enjoy the experience of playing games with sharper visuals.

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