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5 New Microsoft Products in 2020 that you must wait for

Microsoft will launch new products in 2020, one of which is the Xbox Series X. Now, in addition to these products, in the same year Surface Neo and Surface Duo will also be released.
In addition, Microsoft will also release the latest versions of old products, such as Surface Go and Surface Book. It is also possible that the newest Surface Studio will come out in 2020.

Well, here are the latest Microsoft products that will come out in 2020. What are they?

Microsoft should release this product at the end of 2019. However, they postponed it until early 2020 to make some additional features. Details for additional features to come are also not explained by Microsoft. In fact there is the latest color which is white for this product.

Surface Earbuds have different features, namely dictation for Office applications, allowing us to dictate language and access special features in office applications through these circular Earbuds. No less with Airpods, this product also has noise reduction.

Microsoft released the Surface Hub 2S in 2020 and promised to provide hardware and software upgrades in the future in the form of cartridges.

Surface Hub 2X will be in the form of a cartridge to upgrade your Surface Hub. Inside the cartridge there is a processor, RAM and even a GPU that works like a computer.

Microsoft's first product that uses Windows 10X will also be released next year. Surface Neo is one of the devices with dual screens with the aim to increase our productivity in mobile.

Surface Neo uses a 9-inch separated display and will become a 13-inch screen when opened wide. For the price of this device is still unknown.

Many netizens say that the Surface Duo is an Android Surface phone with a 5.6-inch display that opens and will turn to 8.3 inches.

The surprising thing on this device is the OS that uses Android and not Windows. This product will come out simultaneously with Microsoft Surface Neo

Maybe this product is not a line product from Surface, but this product is still made by Microsoft. Its small size makes it look like a sophisticated miniature PC. The new Microsoft product is the Xbox Series X.

This product will be released together with the Halo Infinite game. This Xbox can be placed either horizontally or vertically, besides that this Xbox display has also reached 8K.

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