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3 Features You Must Have on Your Gadget During Holidays

Christmas holidays 2019 and New Year 2020 arrive soon. Yep, who already has a vacation plan with family, friends, or boyfriend? Well, next time Skyegrid Media will discuss the three mandatory features available in the gadget so that your holiday is enjoyable.

1. Feature-rich camera for capturing vacation moments

Spending a vacation visiting a new place with family, or adventure with friends, will not be complete if it is not properly documented, and upload it to social media accounts.

For this, you need a mandatory feature in the gadget in the form of the best quality camera, not only for taking photos but also for making impressive videos.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro is equipped with the best camera technology. Carrying the tagline "Rethink Photography and Videography", Mate 30 Pro is equipped with a Supersensing Cine Camera to produce impressive images and videos.

On the back, Mate 30 Pro carries a quad camera system with a 40MP Cine Camera to capture clear images, even when you are in low light conditions, such as when you are gathering around a campfire with friends or enjoy the night view while walking around city.

40MP SuperSensing camera that provides rich detail and clarity in every photo, 8MP Telephoto Camera for getting detailed zoom, and one Censor Depth Camera 3D for creating professional Bokeh effects, such as when you want to take photos in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Mate 30 Pro camera can also take up to 7680fps super slow motion, so you can capture every moment in more detailed ways, such as when you want to take videos of people surfing on the beach.

2. Long battery life

There are people who choose to go on adventures, like hiking or running a long distance marathon, to spend their vacation.

But, unfortunately if your gadget runs out of battery in the middle of the activity, so you have to make sure that the gadget used has a long battery life and can work in extreme conditions.

Huawei Watch GT 2 might be a good choice for this. It is packaged in a 455 mAh battery for the 46mm model that can last up to 14 days, while the 42mm model can last up to 7 days with a 215 mAh battery.

Huawei Watch GT 2 has 15 sport modes which include eight outdoor sports such as running, walking, climbing, hiking walking, biking, open water, triathlon; and seven indoor sports such as walking, running, cycling, swimming pool, free training, elliptical machines, and rowing machines.

From its design, this smart watch is equipped with fluoroelastomer material on the strap that can provide a smoother wear experience, even when you sweat.

3. Time to complete your game

Whether you're on a long trip or just staying at home, playing the title of your favorite game is still one of the right options for spending a vacation.

For this, you will need a device that can be carried anywhere but can give you an in-depth gaming experience.

Huawei nova 5T has the appropriate performance for playing games. This smartphone is supported by a premium AI processor, namely Kirin 980 7nm with GPU Turbo and has 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Kirin 980 is the first AI Chipset with 7nm Mobile and the chipset that has been used by Huawei's flagship product is the P30 Pro.

This chipset increases performance 75%, improves the camera process system 46%, increases GPU performance 46%, and increases AI performance by 120%. GPU Turbo 3.0 supports 25 popular mobile games that are often played by consumers in the country and the world.

Sometimes, people want to play games in privacy and the sound of games that don't disturb others, one of which is by using earbuds. Huawei FreeBuds 3 is the right product for those who like to play games and listen to their voice with wireless earbuds.

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